Advocacy Materials

Advocacy Training Method
The Hampel Method of Practising: Delayed Replay
“There is no correct way to performing advocacy, there are more effective ways”
George Hampel QC

The Advocacy Club shall follow the Hampel method of advocacy training. Named after its founder George Hampel QC, the Hample method was devised at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and has come to be used by Bar associations in several jurisdictions as the means to trains lawyers in advocacy.

The Hampel method involves:

(a) Goal: Identifying a skill to be practised.

(b) Headline: Identifying what can be improved in what has been displayed.

(c) Playback: Giving examples of what needs improving by providing an exact quote of what the advocate said.

(d) Reason: Explaining why it needs improving and how it can be improved.

(e) Remedy: Demonstrating how it can be improved.

(f) Delayed Replay: Confirmation that the advocate has understood the review and then after a short break the advocate has another attempt.